#InTheLoop™ for Teams

What does your organization sound like?

Join us for InTheLoop™ – a music-based creative facilitation for teams, in which participants create the sounds of their organization – together. 


  • During an InTheLoop virtual conference, team members create their own sound samples, based on prompts about organizational topics such as goals, projects, or culture.  Music experience not required! 
  • These inspired samples are then used to make live-produced music in the moment with a professional producer, who integrates the participant’s samples together into an improvised track that reflects the sound and feeling of the organization.
  • Teams then reflect on the music and their sound choices to uncover new perspectives and insights about their organization, communicate about their work experiences, form common bonds, and build authentic culture.

InTheLoop™ Benefits:

  Synergize team building

  Bridge cultural generations across the organization

  Inspire creative thinking around initiatives

  Attract and retain talent

   Uncover and affirm cultural values

Music has a way of melding everyone together, whether you’re the CEO or a new employee. It has the power to make issues more approachable, and it helps humanize one another. I think using music in organizations like this is the leadership trust fall built for the 21st century. Anyone can do it, and everyone can learn from it.”
Adam Ahuja
Founder/Musician, InTheLoop™ and Infinity Gritty

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Picture of Adam Ahuja

Adam Ahuja

NYC musical entrepreneur who melds genres with jazzy-electronic undertones, humanizing tech through emotionally-driven performance and production.


"Infinity Gritty combines the cohesive music branding of the golden age of record labels, but is at the forefront of new media connection with listeners and viewers. Smart brands can access that power directly.”
Louis Marks
Ropeadope Records President
“Music has a way of melding everyone together - whether you’re the CEO or a new employee - it has the power to bring everyone onto a common playing field, making things more approachable, humanizing one another… this kind of it like the leadership trust fall of the 21st century. Anyone can do it, and everyone can learn from it”
Emilio Savone
Client; New York Comedy Club