Inspire creativity. #BeTheLabel.

Looking for a unique, modern way to promote your brand?  Now, you can #BeTheLabel with Infinity Gritty.  We will create and release new artist music, driven by your brand as the music label.

How it Works:

Identify the Artist

Work with Infinity Gritty to choose an artist to that best aligns with your brand's vision, identity, and market demographics.

Inspire & Produce

Infinity Gritty works with the artist to write new and original artist-inspired music, created in an environment that reflects the brand's essence. The process is filmed and the music is recorded professionally, highlighting the creative process and the artist + brand story.

Release & Market

The music and video content is released on all major platforms, backed by your brand as the music label. Your brand name appears on services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and on social media content. Infinity Gritty offers full support, via marketing partners, to ensure the delivery of a campaign with a strong association between your brand and the music.

Why should your brand be a label?

In the not so distant past, the music industry’s primary source of revenue came from a reliant flow of physical record sales.  However today, artists have been forced to emphasize alternative sources of revenue besides touring: namely merchandise.

Meanwhile, there are countless of companies outside of the music industry with established products and services, but without creative content ownership to help build markets, to distinguish their brand, and foster a cultural footprint…

So what if we switched the equation?  

Music has the power to inspire.  #BeTheLabel gives a brand fresh and unique content on which to build a connection between itself and the culture environment, while providing gifted artists with a welcome support structure to make and promote new music. 

Brand-supported music is an effective way to make an impact in the social media landscape.    

We believe that, in reality, no one truly wants to be advertised to.  And it’s become clearer on social media today, as the lines between personal posts and traditional advertising have become blurred on social feeds.  Consumer today value authentic, engaging content that speaks to them.  We believe that people appreciate brands as patrons, who support authentic artists creating and sharing their honest craft.  That’s what we offer to curate.  

Infinity Gritty delivers newly written & recorded music and video that exists because of a brand sponsorship.

This content is not cookie cutter jingles, backing tracks, or music from an existing production library.  It is new, artist-driven, brand-backed music that is inspired through the brand-creator relationship.  The music is released to the leading platforms, via Infinity Gritty, with the brand itself as the label.  As a result, the brand receives creative content for use via marketing campaigns, social media, and outlet promotion.

We see it as a simple win-win: the right artist that matches with the brand vision, brand identity, and market demographics will receive the support to make new music, and companies receive quality creative content around which to launch a campaigns to deepen engagement in their communities.

BeTheLabel offers to empower companies to build brand value by enabling creative inspiration and forming a more defined and impactful presence in the cultural landscape.
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“This is useful to me as a modern and creative alternative to putting my brand's name on a billboard, or in a magazine. Why shouldn't brands enter the music space?”
Emilio Savone
Client; New York Comedy Club
"Infinity Gritty combines the cohesive music branding of the golden age of record labels, but is at the forefront of new media connection with listeners and viewers. Smart brands can access that power directly.”
Louis Marks
Ropeadope Records President

Example Artists

Picture of RoSaWay


Guy-Girl duo from Paris, merging the worlds of Electro-Pop and Classical into a head on collision.

Picture of Kuf Knotz

Kuf Knotz

Peace-warrior-vegan emcee from Philadelphia with a charisma that binds together musical styles and diverse groups of people.

Picture of Adam Ahuja

Adam Ahuja

NYC musical entrepreneur who melds genres with jazzy-electronic undertones, humanizing tech through emotionally-driving performance.

Picture of Natalie Hart

Natalie Hart

Texas-born, throw-back soul singer with a penchant for silencing audiences with reflective, love-searching soliloquies.

Picture of Project K-Paz

Project K-Paz

International collective that produces spontaneous music, made 100% in the moment - as driven by conceptual inspiration.

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